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Lesson 11

WebSite Content Conlusion

This module discussed solutions for designing website content for businesses, structuring information, and navigational and usability tools.
You should now be able to:
  1. Describe how businesses use the Internet
  2. Describe how businesses use intranets and extranets
  3. Describe how businesses use other types of networks
  4. Explain how signs are used to create meaning on a website
  5. Explain how metaphors are used to create meaning on a website
  6. Describe various ways of structuring information on a website for navigation and usability
  7. Describe browser compatibility issues in designing websites and Web applications
  8. Explain cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility solutions


In this module, you were introduced to the following terms:
  1. Internet: Computer network linking computers around the world and comprising four essential parts computers, networks, software, and users.
  2. Intranet: A private TCP/IP-based network of computers on an organization's secured local area network (LAN).
  3. Extranet: A portion of an intranet to which only authorized users may send and receive information or conduct transactions.
  4. Local Area Network (LAN): A private network that connects computers in an organization's workgroup, department, or building.
  5. Wide Area Network: A private network that connects geographically remote equipment. This is usually through a physical connection using high-speed telephone lines.
  6. Virtual Private Network (VPN): An alternative to a WAN that uses special software on client computers to connect across an intranet or the Internet to special software on a dedicated server.
In the next module, the legal issues of content on the Web will be discussed.

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