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Lesson 9 International copyright and trademark laws
Objective Identify issues relating to international copyright laws.

International Copyright and Trademark Laws

General considerations

Many aspects of United States copyright and trademark laws apply internationally, but not all. There are several points you should know about international copyright and trademark laws, including the following:
  1. No single international copyright or trademark registration automatically provides protection throughout the world.
  2. Every country has its own copyright and trademark laws.
  3. To be recognized in a particular country, a copyright or trademark must be registered in that country.
  4. International copyright treaties and conventions have simplified the conditions under which foreign works are offered protection.
  5. Most international trademark registrations must be renewed every 10 to 15 years.

For international copyrights, only the first three elements of the copyright notice are required. The last element, All Rights Reserved, is not needed. For example: FluxStorm
© 2020 Fluxstorm, Inc.
There are many sites that can provide information and direction for registering for an international copyright.
One such site is the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress.
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Copyright Exercise