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Lesson 7 Navigation and usability
Objective Identify various ways of structuring information on a website

What is Information architecture?

Information architecture is the way information is organized and presented. It provides a system for structuring, organizing, and finding information in meaningful ways. Information architecture organizes the Web's signs and metaphors in a way that allows users to easily interpret what the designer means.
Information architecture for the Web is different than that for printed materials. The structure of information on the Web is highly customizable and flexible based on users' needs. It has to be. Users enter from different data points and leave and revisit sections of sites often. The content at a site has to be structured to suit these usability needs.

Navigation Tools

Navigation and information architecture are the components of web pages that support the user in finding information and in browsing through the content of a website. A well designed navigation system is more than a good taxonomy: it encourages customers to explore parts of the site they may otherwise have missed. In the next lesson, you will learn how to design a website to make information easy to access.

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