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Lesson 1

Website Deployment Course Introduction

This course describes the final two layers of the Web Interaction Model,
  1. networks and
  2. hardware,
as they apply to a Web site design project.

In this course, which is the third of a three-part series that teaches you the requirements for planning a Web site
  1. Web Site Planning Models
  2. Planning a Web Site Design
  3. Planning a Web Site Deployment
the standards and tools for Web design teams will be discussed.

The second course, Planning a Web Site Design, examined the first three layers of the Web Interaction Model,
  1. signs and metaphors,
  2. information architecture, and
  3. software.

Course goals

After completing the course, you will be able to:
  1. Describe the Web Interaction Model and the Web
  2. Development Process Model
  3. Describe a network architecture
  4. Plan for a client's network requirements
  5. Describe and plan for a client's hardware requirements
  6. Describe how a Web design team interfaces with a client to deploy the site
  7. Apply industry standards to evaluating a Web site
In this course, design strategies and tools will be discussed using the following components:
  1. the Tooltip,
  2. the SlideShow
  3. Exercise and online Quizzes.
QuickChecks allow you to instantly assess if you are retaining what you are learning, and quizzes and exercises allow you to apply what you have learned to solve more complex problems.
The prerequisites for the course will be discussed in the next lesson.