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Lesson 6Key Components to facilitate e-commerce
Objective Determine how the Web is being used to facilitate transactions between buyer and seller.

Key Components to facilitate e-commerce

Buyers inquire and browse before making purchases online. However, the methods for accomplishing those goals online provide opportunities for innovation.
Key business activities that are evolving due to e-commerce include:
  1. Marketing and customer service
  2. Storefront relationship with customers
  3. Security
  4. Globalization
  5. Customized consumer sales

Marketing and Customer Service

The Internet has led to techniques for targeting consumers for marketing and customer service. It supports overlapping methods to help businesses meet consumer needs and establish brand loyalty. A well-designed presence on the Internet can help a business persuade consumers to participate in business transactions and can manage the consumer's expectations.


The storefront component of a business identity on the Web includes the interface that the consumer uses to conduct transactions. An effective storefront encourages interaction through easy site navigation, clear icons and symbols, and compelling content.


A business must stay informed about industry security trends that aid its ability to protect its content and internal network and assets. E-commerce solutions require a security policy and can involve many types of hardware and software.


The Internet exceeds borders so managing an e-commerce site requires a globalization strategy to accommodate regional cultures and international trade laws. This is commonly referred to as localization. Successful e-businesses think locally in each of the international markets.

Customized Consumer Sales

The data-rich nature of online commerce allows a business to present customized information for individuals. A business can use a consumer's profile information to offer content that meets the specific needs of that consumer. In the next lesson, you will learn about the infrastructure required to implement e-commerce.

Key Ecommerce Components

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Key Ecommerce Components