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Network Requirements - Exercise

Business Network Evaluation

Objective: Practice evaluating the network requirements of a business.


This exercise is worth 10 points. To receive full credit, you will need to devise a plausible list of questions and specify which network requirements are needed. Once you have completed your list, submit your answer into cyberspace.


You've been asked to evaluate a growing company's Internet needs and develop a network. You have an appointment with the company's managers tomorrow morning to get an overview of its needs.


Prepare a list of questions you will ask in order to assess the kinds of networks that will be necessary for this company. Include your reasoning for the question, relative to what the managers’ answers might tell you about the system you will design.

Submitting your Exercise

Enter your list of questions, along with your reasons for asking the questions, in the text box below.
When you are finished, click the Submit button to submit the questions.


You will want to ask specific questions about how the company conducts business. For example, do different departments need access to networked printers?
Does the company have branch offices across town? Is there a company newsletter they would like to put online for employees?