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Lesson 7 The Editorial Brief
Objective Describe the elements of the Editorial Brief.

Describe Editorial Brief Elements

The Editorial Brief describes the editorial content and editorial tone for the site. The Editorial Brief for Asteron can be downloaded from the Course Resources page. The Asteron Editorial Brief includes the following sections, which are described below.

Tone and manner

The tone and manner section describes the proposed tone for the site. You may break down the site into sections with different approaches to tone, based on the primary audience for the various sections of the site.

Content inventory

The inventory portion of the brief describes initial content requirements for the major sections of the site. It should also list the estimated length and status of content sections.

Content lifecycle

The lifecycle segment of the Brief describes the estimated length of time that content sections will be valid without updates. This gives an early indication of the amount of editorial maintenance the site will need if it is built as proposed.
In the next lesson, you will learn ways to evaluate the success of your signs and metaphors design.

Creative Editorial Briefs

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