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Lesson 7Bundled software solutions
ObjectiveExplain the types and benefits of bundled solutions.

Bundled Software Solutions

The category of bundled solutions is a very broad and imprecise category. It is useful because it enables you to understand the broad range of solutions that continue to appear in the marketplace. Bundled solutions are very valuable to organizations that do not have the time or resources to build what they can buy.
Bundled software solutions integrate a wide range of functionality and consist of multiple software languages, applications, and databases. Common bundled software solutions include:
  1. Web application development
  2. E-Commerce
  3. Database development
  4. ERP-Supply chain management
  5. Community development and personalization/profiling/relationship management

Web Application Development

Web application development solutions can provide a wide range of application development tools to create Web functionality. The table below lists common components as well as some currently popular products.

Web application development solutions

Products Components
Eclipse Open Source Java IDE : The Eclipse IDE is a Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which can also be used with C/C++, JavaScript/TypeScript, PHP and other languages
Sapphire User interface SDK
Cold Fusion The 2021 release of Adobe ColdFusion Standard Edition lets small and medium enterprises develop, design and deploy web and cloud-native applications seamlessly. Adobe
IBM Websphere J2EE Application Server, an Application Server that accelerates application delivery with a highly reliable Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE)-based runtime environment. It supports microservices and standards-based programming models designed to help you modernize at your own pace, gain greater visibility across workloads, analyze enterprise applications and advance your journey to Kubernetes.
Tomcat 8.0 Open Source Java Application Server
JBoss JBoss is a division of Red Hat that provides support for the WildFly open source application server program (formerly called JBoss AS)

Ecommerce Development Solutions

eommerce development solutions allow developers to create or customize ecommerce sites. The following list describes components and current products. Which combination of ecommerce solutions will make your website perform better?
For any ecommerce website to be successful, users needs to have the features and functionalities to create the correct engagement and convert it into a sales prospect. Ecommerce solutions should provide your clients with the best ecommerce web development technologies to help them achieve their business goals. Some of the features that ecommerce development should offer for design are:
  1. Custom navigation design that works for every kind of shopper
  2. Fresh, standard based code for higher search engine visibility.
  3. Lightweight CSS based layouts to decrease page-loading time.
  4. Better-converting and verified checkout methods.

Ecommerce development solutions expertise lies in:
  1. Auction Development
  2. Establish new markets across the globe
  3. E-commerce Portal Development
  4. Yahoo Stores Development
  5. Amazon Marketplace Development

Database Development

Database development solutions are used by developers and database administrators to create applications requiring database support. The following table shows typical components and common products.

Products Components
Oracle Data Modeling Tool
SQL-Server GUI based development environment
Rational Software Modeling software for UML
DB PowerStudio Database professionals need to minimize the time and effort spent on the routine management and development of databases across the organization. To address this challenge, benefit from IDERA’s bundle of top tools for the management and development of multiple database platforms.

ERP-Supply Chain Management

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)- Supply chain management solutions are used by business analysts and I.T. staff to manage enterprise level resources, integrated business applications, and e-commerce. Such solutions can incorporate distribution, accounting, logistics, and manufacturing. The following table shows typical components and currently available products.

Products Components
SAP Resource Management
Baan Database Capabilities
Oracle Logistic tools (product shippping)
Supply Chain Ecosystem Supply chain ecosystem typically consists of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, and customers.
(SCM) Supply chain management involves planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply activities. An ERP solution takes care of physical aspects of supply that includes storage and transportation and the market aspect of effectively managing demand and supply to meet customer demands. Feature-rich ERP software adds value to the entire chain starting from material procurement to end-customer product delivery. An efficient ERP solution coordinates and integrates three key flows: material flows, information flows and financial flows.

Community development and personalization/ profiling/ relationship management

Community development and personalization solutions are used by marketing and developers to create personalized Web pages, deploy user profiles, build Web communities, and establish targeted advertising (many solutions incorporate most or all of these features). The following table lists typical components and popular products.
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Bundled Solution Types

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Bundled Solution Types