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Lesson 5 Deployment vs. development software
Objective Identify the differences between deployment vs. development software.

Deployment versus Development Software

You will find that evaluating software needs for a Web site development project can be complicated because there are so many considerations and inputs to take into account. This section provides a general procedure for evaluating software needs that can help to simplify the process. Software needs evaluation occurs in the Design phase.

Deployment vs. development software

In planning software needs assessment, it is important to distinguish between deployment and development software environments.

Deployment software/ environment

The deployment environment consists of the operating system(s) and databases that will provide the platform for developing, storing, and delivering website applications. An example of a deployment environment is an Oracle database using a Windows or Linux operating system.

Development software/ environment

A development environment consists of the development software that is used to develop Web applications. For example, if Web applications are to be developed in Java, the development environment will include tools for the development and deployment of Java applications.

Deployment standards

The distinction between deployment and development software is important because the deployment environment can limit or even determine the options available for development software. There are often specific standards that must be met in order for deployment to be effective. This is especially true in larger organizations that have sizeable legacy systems that must be integrated with Web applications. As a result, the deployment environment often guides software development choices.
This shows again the importance of communication between team members, as well as the importance of having the client review and approve your choices throughout the Web site development process.

Question: First you develop your applications. Then you deploy them for actual use over the Internet.
Why do you need to take deployment into account when choosing development software?
Answer: The software or platforms used to deploy your applications may not be compatible with some development applications. To avoid future maintenance, consider the full process before beginning development
In the next lesson, you will learn about the steps of the software selection decision process.

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