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Lesson 6Middleware
ObjectiveExplain the Purpose of Middleware and give examples.

Middleware Connects Applications

Middleware is a name for any software application that connects two applications, or enables applications and end users to interact over a network. General-purpose middleware can be seen as residing between applications and network services, as shown in the image below.
It's important to understand that middleware acts as a continuous translator between the commands and structures of two diverse programs.
Its role is not simply I/O related (import/export). It is in continuous use for the active processing and translation services necessary for the transference of data between the programs.
The Slide Show below shows how middleware mediates between application functions and users over network services.

Middleware Web Services

  1. Show user's speakers putting out music, connected through internet to a music file server, with some graphical icon to represent "middleware" - intermediate software
  2. Focus on a web browser in the act of turning HTML document into a visible display
  3. Focus on a piece of software that registers a charge to a credit card, being connected to the user at a PC, the web server of an ecommerce site, and a database server connected to VISA or the customer's credit card company
  4. Focus on a piece of software that facilitates exchange of info between multiple databases and servers at different locations

Transaction Processors

Reviewing Applications - Quiz

In the next lesson, your task is to review what you have learned in this module.
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