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Creative and Editorial Briefs

Overview, Creative Brief: Describes visual and interactive strategies

  1. Tone and manner: Included in both briefs
  2. Audience: Target market
  3. What is the audience thinking and feeling?: May describe how users react to the Internet in general
  4. What benefits are promised?: Describes what the company is offering to users via the site
  5. What do we need to do for them to believe the promise?: A section of the Creative Brief
  6. Content inventory: Lists the initial requirements for the topics and text of the site
  7. Content lifecycle: Suggests timeframe for maintenance of subject matter on the site
  8. What will demonstrate success?: Builds in accountability through measurements

Plan your winning Content Strategy

The Creative Brief is at the center to the success of our partnership. Collaborating on the document puts the team directly in touch with the idiosyncrasies of a brand and the priorities of the business.
The Creative Brief stems from an immersive initial hmeeting, and is then developed ongoing so that corporate strengths and goals are reflected in each piece of content that is published. Start with the business goals, brand, and then plan the content.
The document covers elements like:
  1. Audience needs: Personas, Question mapping, Pertinent content topics
  2. Branding and editorial goals: Voice, Twelve Tone Row, Color, Appropriate comedy
  3. Metric targets: Keyword advancements, Growth hacking, Social follower growth, Engagement improvement, Link building
  4. Real results: Goal conversions, Qualified leads, Form completions, Online purchases, Aamzon
  5. Content: Formats best suited for your plans, goals and objectives