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Lesson 3Roles and responsibilities for signs and Metaphors
ObjectiveIndividuals, responsibilities involved with signs and metaphors.

Roles and Responsibilities for Sign and Metaphors Requirements

In this lesson, you will learn which of the design team members are most involved with signs and metaphors.
To illustrate a team's roles and responsibilities during this process, we've re-introduced WebTeam, the Web design team hired to complete Asteron's Web site design project. You were able to tour each WebTeam member's workspace in the previous module. To see what responsibilities the WebTeam groups have in relation to signs and metaphors, roll your cursor over each of the Business, Creative, and Technical groups:

Team Members
  1. Technical Team
  2. Creative Team
  3. Business Team
Web Development Team
WebTeam members in the Business group acquire information such as client documents, audience analysis, and market research.
The information about client and user needs will shape the team's decisions regarding signs and metaphors. WebTeam members in the Creative group have the primary responsibility for creating signs and metaphors in a Web site development project. The iGeneration job titles that are directly responsible for creating signs and metaphors are:

  1. Visual Designer
  2. Creative Producer

Other jobs or individuals who are often involved in creating or validating signs and metaphors include:
  1. Creative Director
  2. Editor/Content Developer
  3. Media Designer/ Interactive Designer
  4. Marketing Manager
  5. Clients and Users
Now that you know who is responsible for developing signs and metaphors, the next lesson will describe the process for getting the job done.