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Sample network architecture
Sample network architecture

Protocol: A set of rules that manage how software and hardware components communicate with one another or cross interfaces.
Connectivity Devices The physical connections among network hardware; include cables, phone lines, and other connection lines.
  1. Acts as a translator between networks using incompatible communications protocols.
  2. Connects networks of personal computers to mini-computer- or mainframe-based hosts.
  1. Interconnects multiple devices in a network.
  2. Enables distribution of information among connected devices.
  1. Connects two or more networks.
  2. Forwards packets and filters traffic, based on protocol-specific software addresses, source and destination port number, and soon.
  3. More flexible than a bridge, but requires more processing power.
  1. Connects network segments with high usage percentages.
  2. Offers higher performance than a bridge or router
  3. Costs less than a bridge or router
  4. Helps create virtual LANs
  5. Bases forwarding decisions on a packet's media access control (AC) destination address