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Lesson 8 Managing risks
Objective Identify risks with networks and the Internet.

Identify Internet Network Risks

For designing networks, planning your strategy is a must. While constructing your design, there are three main risks that you should keep in mind:
  1. Inadequate planning of the network infrastructure
  2. Lack of ongoing, real-time monitoring
  3. Inadequate ISP service

Inadequate network infrastructure

An inadequate network infrastructure does not provide sufficient server capability, bandwidth, or scalability. Analyzing the business objectives of the site, the server logs before implementation of the project, and the predicted traffic will help profile the right hardware and software. Remember that you can get simulation tools to test your server's capabilities in case of increased traffic. All this thinking ahead will pay off and is worth the effort.

Lack of ongoing, real-time monitoring

Putting in place the appropriate web management tools to oversee the traffic to the site once it launches and hiring trained personnel to oversee the server and the system administration will also save you headaches and money.

Inadequate ISP service

The reliability of your ISP service should not be overlooked. If everything is well planned on your side, but your ISP goes down, your contact with potential clients is gone. Don't hesitate to do some comparison shopping before signing on with an ISP. Evaluate not only their downtime rates, but also their level of accountability if and when their service goes down.

The secret of teamwork

These risks are part of the reality of dealing with networks and the Internet, but they don't lead to inevitable failure. They can be managed successfully with the right planning and the right personnel. A good team working together will design a successful network infrastructure, help the Web deployment team reach its objectives, and keep the client happy. In the next lesson, you will review what you have learned in this module about planning for networks and the Internet.

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