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Lesson 2Defining roles
Objective Identify the team members involved in determining the network architecture.

Defining Roles for Network Architecture

Developing and enhancing the network infrastructure is the primary responsibility of the technical team within the Web deployment team. The technical team is responsible for integrating the hardware, the software, the method of connection and the protocols of the network. Within the technical team, the iGeneration job titles directly responsible for this work are:
  1. Internet Application Developer
  2. Database Application Developer
  3. Database Administrator
Other roles and job titles that may be involved in developing and enhancing a network for a Web site development project include:
  1. LAN Manager
  2. Network Security Consultant
  3. Network Engineer
  4. Network Architect


Explore the workspace of a WebTeam Technical team member. Click the desk to reveal the member's work area, and move your cursor over the workspace material to learn more about the WebTeam member.

Team Effort

All of WebTeam's members work together to support the business objectives of the client's Web site. Each of them will contribute his or her expertise to help integrate and optimize the hardware and software components required for the project.
In the next lesson, you will learn about useful tools and documents for your network and Internet-related requirements.