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Lesson 4 Characteristics of WebSite Deployment
Objective Understanding WebSiteDeployment

Understanding WebSite Deployment

The rapid rise and adoption of the Internet continues to widen the human resource gap between the limited supply of job candidates and the demand for qualified employees.
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WebsiteDeployment would like to thank the subject matter experts from Distributed Networks and Systems Design who aided in the development of this course. Two Web Site Planning Models will be discussed in the next module.
Deployment is moving a website from a local environment to live servers. What seems like a simple thing can actually be quite complex. There are absolutely loads of ways to go about it. They range from user friendly software and services, to more complex command line tools, to full blown systems with lots of moving parts.
I'm not an expert in all this, but I've set up a few different deployment systems in my day as well as worked with a number of different ones. I thought we could try and round up and break down as much as we can here.