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Languages used for Web development

Many people now prefer websites for their business growth and the internet is a great way to gather information. If we look at the value and role of website development during the progress of the internet, then we will find that the internet has become popular because of the number of websites that have been built.
Website development is a world that has been evolving over the last 20 years involving numerous web development languages which provide different functionalities for websites. I recommend Javascript for someone that is getting started with web development.
Reason: It is easy to learn and you can write both client and server side code using Javascript.
  1. You can use HTML and CSS that are front-end markup languages used for web development
  2. For the server side you can use Java, PHP, Ruby (using Ruby on Rails), Python , Javascript (normally front-end, also runs on the server with Node.js).

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1) Procedural Languages: C, Visual Basic, and Fortran are languages that are high performae supporting functions

2) Data Manipulation Languages: SQL and DLI are languages that provide direct access to DBMS (Database Management System). They create both read and write access to the database. On a website, a language like SQL supports the use of the order form, which is submitted into a databse to process and track the orders.

5) Object Oriented Languages: C++, Java, and Smalltalk are languages that enable the development of complex or distributed applications