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HCI Planning Challenges - Exercise

Core content principles of HCI

Challenges of HCI planning

Objective: Identify relevant HCI factors for a given audience.


This exercise is not scored. It provides you with the opportunity to apply what you have learned in the previous lesson. When you have completed the exercise, click the Done button to compare your answers with the suggested results.


For each of the following proposed Web sites, read about the target audience. Then, on a separate sheet of paper, address the HCI factors that are most relevant, and describe the decisions you would recommend for the design of the site. Address both visual and editorial content concerns. When you have completed the exercise, compare your answers with the suggested answers we have provided.
1. Travel planning site for retired immigrants in the metropolitan New York City area.
2. Medical information resource site for physicians and pharmacists with extensive text documents from medical journals and reference books.
3. Site that prepares third, fourth and fifth grade students for class visit to natural history museum.


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