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Six phases of Web Development Process

  1. Phase One: Discovery or Information Gathering
  2. Phase Two: Definition or Planning
  3. Phase Three: Design
  4. Phase Four: Development
  5. Phase Five: Testing and Delivery
  6. Phase Six: Post- Delivery or Maintenance

Discovery comes first, when initial contact between parties is established, and general requirements are assessed.

In the Definition phase, the client and the Web design team develop a contract based on client needs and Web team capabilities. The phase concludes with a signed contract.

When the needs are defined, the team outlines their ideas in the Design phase.

With approval of the design, the team can proceed to carry out the plan in the Development phase

The team delivers the finished product to the client in the Delivery phase

"Post-Delivery" completes the procedure with documentation and plans for ongoing maintenance, including site metrics. The cycle then loops the whole process back again to the Discovery phase.