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Website Security Policy

Web applications are critical to the enterprise infrastructure. Companies rely on them to communicate with partners, clients, and shareholders, as well as
  1. store corporate information,
  2. share files, and
  3. conduct a host of asynchronous operations.
These applications are convenient, as their functionality is dependent upon online browsers.
Web applications may have security weaknesses that can expose a single user or an entire organization to multiple threats. Cyber criminals have been focusing on the web in recent years and the trend continues to grow. Cyber attacks are becoming high-profile and more sophisticated. In addition, they are increasing in frequency as vulnerabilities are exposed.
75 percent of cyber attacks and web security violations occur through Internet applications. Regardless of the development of the application being outsourced, adversaries examine the infrastructure of an application to identify potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

Concrete regulations and recommendations regarding user passwords must be clearly defined

Explicit and clear instructions on system access privileges granted to users

Acceptable and unacceptable user behavior. This is user behavior in the confines a computer property and with its electronic resources are clearly defined within any good security policy.