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Lesson 12 MIME examples
Objective Identify examples and file extensions of MIME types.

MIME File Examples

The following are examples of other MIME types and subtypes:
  1. text/plain
  2. text/HTML (HTML documents)
  3. application/x-msword (Microsoft Word)
  4. application/x-compressed (WinZip)
  5. image/GIF (GIF file)
  6. audio/wave (wave audio file)

To determine the MIME type of an incoming request from a browser, a Web server typically interprets the file extension of the requested file. Most Web servers have default mapping between file extensions and MIME types. The table below shows examples of mappings to some well-known MIME types.

File Extension File Content MIME Type
.html HTML files text/html
.txt Plain text files text/plain
.jpg JPEG images images/jpeg
.zip ZIP archives application/zip
.mid MIDI sequences audio/mid

As new document types are added to the MIME system, you may need to provide further mapping between file extensions and MIME types.
Occasionally, following an update of graphics files on a Web site, you may find that you can access text but not graphics files. This could mean the graphic files were corrupted, or that the Web server's MIME-type setting for the graphics files may have changed.
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Mime File Extensions

Click the Exercise link below to reinforce your understanding of file extensions related to MIME types.
Mime File Extensions