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Lesson 4 Configuring Macintosh for the Internet
Objective Describe how to configure a Macintosh to access the Internet.

Configuring desktops

To configure means to set up for operation in a certain way. Desktop machines need to be configured, or set up in a certain way, when you switch your ISP or when you add a new machine to the network. The process is basically the same for each circumstance. If you connect to the Internet through a modem, your system might be configured automatically based on information supplied by your ISP. If you connect to the Internet through a network, you may have to configure your system manually. The system administrator should supply you with the necessary information.
Configuring the desktop involves modifying some or all of the following:
  1. TCP/IP settings
  2. HOSTS files
  3. Browsers
  4. Email
  5. MIME settings

Configuring TCP/IP

TCP/IP is:
  1. A generic name for a suite of protocols used to connect computers and networks
  2. The protocol used to connect to the Internet
The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is used to transfer the IP-formatted data packets. The Internet Protocol (IP) is the set of rules used to pass packets of data from one network to another.

Configuring TCP/IP on a Macintosh

To configure TCP/IP on a Macintosh, from the Apple menu, select Control Panels, then select TCP/IP. The settings shown in the table below appear. For information about the settings to use for your system, talk with your system administrator or ISP.
Setting Description
Connection method Choices include Apple Talk, Ethernet
Server configuration Choices include BootP, DHCP, RARP
IP Address
  1. Identifies your computer to the network
  2. Allows you to assign an address or accept automatic assignment
Subnet Mask
  1. Required information
  2. Defines use of address bits and indicates host or network number
Router Address Network address to which messages are sent
Name server address Identifies the network address by name instead of number

In the next lesson, you will learn how to configure a PC to access the Internet.