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Lesson 1

Applying Phases of the Web Site Development Model

The Website Development Process Model illustrates the six general phases for developing a Web site, such as defining the client's scope and expectations. Through the Web team's strategies for assigning completion requirements and delivering the product to the client and establishing maintenance protocols. But let us get back to the question originally posed when you were introduced to this model:
Question: How does the site get built?
Each development phase integrates four additional elements to implement the design strategy. These include
  1. roles,
  2. objectives,
  3. deliverables, and
  4. activities,
and these are the Web team's nuts and bolts for building a Web site.
To give you a real world sense of how a design team assigns the required objectives, deliverables, and activities, you will be re-introduced to the Web Team, and learn who on the team is responsible for each of the six phases of development.
Process models are especially useful for a complex procedures involving many participants. By looking closely at ways to break the process down into steps and components, you will avoid some potentially serious problems that may run into if your team rushes into production without careful 1) consideration and 2) planning. Focus on the requirements of the website, create the architecture, and then implement the required tasks which will fulfill the functionality of the website.

Module Objectives

By the end of this module, you will be able to:
  1. Identify the key elements of the Discovery phase
  2. Identify the key elements of the Definition phase
  3. Identify key success factors and risks of the Discovery and Definition phases
  4. Describe legal, ethical, and regulatory risks in the Definition phase
  5. Describe the documents created during the Design phase
  6. Describe the requirements Definition and the design and architecture specification
  7. Identify the key elements of the Development phase
  8. Identify the key elements of the Delivery phase
  9. Identify the key elements of the Post-delivery phase
In the next lesson, you will learn how the process begins, identifying the key elements in the Discovery phase.

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