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Lesson 9 Bundled software Solution
Objective Describe the Advantages of Bundled Software Solutions

Advantages of Bundled Software Solutions

Increasingly, businesses are buying bundled software solutions that have been created to serve specific purposes. These solutions often integrate a wide range of functionality, and can consist of multiple software applications, languages, and databases. Bundled solutions save businesses the trouble and time it takes to develop complex applications. They are also extremely useful for organizations that do not have the variety of staff needed to develop specialized Web applications. The table below lists common bundled software solutions:

Solution Type Function Product Examples
Web App Development Web Functionality Web Sphere
E-Commerce e-commerce solutions Magento
Database Development Php and MySql, Oracle, MySQL, Sql-Server
ERP Supply Chain Management Manage Enterprise Level resources SAP, Baan, Oracle
Social Networking Build web communities and web pages Google+, Facebook, Twitter

What Does Bundled Software Mean?

Packaged programming can be either a bunch of single programming programs that are sold together, or at least one programming programs sold along with a piece of equipment. Normal kinds of packaged programming incorporate working frameworks, utilities sold with work area PCs, network hardware and mobile devices. Different kinds of packaged programs consist of various projects sold as a solitary programming administration or item that can give more than one use.

Software web Interaction Model

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Software web Interaction Model