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Web Navigation on the Internet - Exercise

Identifying Signs and Metaphors and Information Architecture features on Amazon's site

Objective: Develop your understanding of Signs and Metaphors and Information Architecture by exploring and identifying examples on Amazon's site.
Exercise Scoring: This Exercise is worth 10 points.

Background and Overview

In this exercise, you will analyze some of the Signs and Metaphors that are used on the Amazon Web site.


  1. Familiarize yourself with Amazon.com, an e-commerce Web site that allows customers to purchase movies from the company's catalog via the Internet.
  2. Give special attention to the Amazon logo, the Amazon icon that serves as the site's host, and the Signs and Metaphors on the Catalog page. You will be asked questions about these elements.
    Now, your task:
    Please click the link for the Catalog page, and answer the following questions:
    From the list of signs below, choose three and explain what they signify on the page, how they contribute to the look and feel of the page, and how they contribute to the information architecture of the site.
    Signs for the Catalog page (choose 3 for your analysis):
  1. Search on Movies
  2. Electronics Gift Guide
  3. Amazon Video
  4. Affiliate links on the bottom of the page

Now answer these questions about the Amazon website:
  1. How does the Amazon logo function as a sign versus being part of the information architecture?
  2. How might the Amazon logo be utilized more effectively to help site visitors?

Submitting your Exercise

Type (or cut and paste) your analysis into the box below to submit your answers.
Click the Submit button when finished to submit the exercise. Remember to submit all of your answers at once.