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Legacy Integration - Exercise

Course Project: Choosing hardware and software requirements

Objective:Select the hardware and software requirements for your site.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 10 points. Each answer is worth 2 points. You may want to write two or three sentences per answer to justify your decisions. Once you have completed your answer you will submit the exercise.


Read the scenario given below, then provide answers. An artifical program will determine how well each of your answers addresses the issues presented by the scenario. The site is going well. You have decided to colocate your server, which means that you will buy and build your own site, then house it at your ISP.
  1. You must first choose the hardware for the server. You do not have an extensive budget for hardware, and it must support the Windows Server platform. Due to company policy, Windows Server 2003 or later will always be required.
  2. Address the memory, CPU, and I/O requirements.
  3. Choose the ideal Web server for this situation. You are going to use a server-side scripting solution, so you must choose one, and then provide a short justification for your choice of the Web server and scripting solution.
  4. Address the fact that for now, this server will house two separate Web sites: and a staging server.
  5. Finally, you have several employees collaborating on the HTML, CGI, and database solutions. Describe a solution where they are all able to access different areas of the hard drive as if it were a Web server.


These considerations may help you justify your decisions:
  1. The employees you now have are well versed in JavaScript and VBScript.
  2. You have been directed to use a robust, inexpensive, and easy-to-use Web server and scripting solution.

Submitting your exercise

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