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Lesson 1

Planning ecommerce Site Implementation

Taking the time to plan your e-commerce Web site may be time consuming, but it is an essential step in the development process.
There are as many design options as there are businesses, but you want to make sure you pick the option that best meets the goals of your company.
Properly planning the development and deployment of your Web site will increase quality and decrease development time.
This module introduces you to the planning stage involved in designing your e-commerce business.By the end of this module, you will know how to:
  1. Outline the process for planning and designing a site
  2. Describe the steps involved in designing an e-commerce Web site
  3. Formulate the design goals for your e-commerce site
  4. Meet your customers’ expectations with archetypes
  5. Develop a storyboard to outline your plans
  6. Assess outsourcing options for your e-commerce solution
    Throughout this course, we will use the storyboard shown below to illustrate the sequence of events occurring in e-commerce Web site development. This particular storyboard is designed to emphasize essential steps throughout this course. Each module will add to this storyboard. After you have taken a look, let's examine some of the details.

Planning Phase consists of: 1) Design Goals 2) Revenue Strategies 3) Products and Services 4) Web Interface

SEO Services

Search engine optimization or simply SEO has gone its way into a money-making industry that approximately everyone wishing a quick way to produce money has considered offering SEO services. This module focuses on the planning that is critical to Web site development.
We will also take a look at outsourcing options.
In the next lesson, planning the outline of an e-commerce site will be discussed.