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Ecommerce Outsourcing - Exercise

Course project: business design goals

Objective: Consider business desigm goals for the course project Web site.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 15 points. Each answer is worth 3 points. Once you have completed your answer you will submit the answer.


You are creating a new Web site,, for an existing company. This company specializes in importing goods from England. It sells antiques (furniture, objects of interest), art, clothing, food, and so forth from England to anglophiles worldwide. The company not only has products for sale, it also offers a finding service for items of interest.


Consider business design goals for the site and write a storyboard.
Given the information below, write a short description of the steps you would take to plan a Web site that:
  1. Appeals to an audience interested in antiques, art, clothing, and food from England. Hint: How would you search for related sites and areas of interest? Give three sites, with a short explanation of why they would be useful in determining your market niche.
  2. Offers products for sale as well as searching services, including a database of finds. Hint: What front-end and back-end concerns will you have?
  3. Stores information sent from users. Employees will sift through this information and respond to requests via email. Again, what issues will you have to consider?
  4. Contains information concerning news particular to the United Kingdom, sports scores (soccer/football, cricket), the time of day in England, and news feeds. Go on the Web and report at least three sites of interest that you could incorporate into your site as links, areas of interest, and even as partners to a portal site.
  5. Allows users to navigate freely around the site.

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