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Business design goals - Exercise Result

Course project: business design goals

In this exercise, you wrote a short description of the steps you would take to plan a Web site with specific needs.
In response to the new questions in society and business, designers are creating new roles for themselves. DistributedNetworks is an early example of a design consultancy that has started to shape new roles for designers, such as the Experimenter and Cross-pollinator.
Policy makers have acknowledged and setup programmes to support creative industries in adopting these new roles.
One of the roles designers can play, is the role of collaborator, that explores different ways of working together in consortia that do not work in regular client contractor relationships, but instead are a collection of stakeholders from industry and academia, each with their own agenda. Other possible roles are: the role of facilitator of workshops, and more broadly, of conversations between different project stakeholders; the designer as instigator that initiates connections and conversations, for instance through speculative designs; and the designer as researcher investigates complex questions through design.