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How to generate Revenue online via Advertising?

Advertising, either by selling space on your own site or by purchasing space from another is the time-tested strategy.
It is familiar and proven to be fairly effective. Recently, however, many Web surfers have begun to ignore advertisements and banner ads even more than they ignore traditional television commercials.
The advertising business model tends to make a Web site much like a television show that has intermittent commercials that help pay for its free services, rather than a cutting-edge, utilitarian site. Depending on your niche, advertisements can have a negative effect on your site, especially because many Web users have programs designed to stop cookies and banner ads automatically. Selling directly to customers is not the only way to generate revenue online. There are many ways you can profit from the traffic to your website.

Ten Tips to generate revenue from existing visits to your web site.

  1. Join relevant affiliate programs
  2. Have you ever been on a website and seen a small add that says Buy this book on
    There is a high probability that the ad was placed by an Amazon affiliate. An affiliate is paid a finders fee for customers they send to a website. You can generate revenue by referring people to sites with products or services that interest your website visitors. For more information visit or
  3. You can offer advertising space to advertisers with complimentary products. Charge them by the click or perhaps strike a deal where they pay you for every customer they acquire. If you have lots of traffic to your site, visit they will help sell the advertising and track traffic and clicks.
  4. If you own domains that do not yet have websites designed, you can create a page to offer the domain name for sale, or to let customers know it is in development and coming soon.
    When customers visit these pages, they can be directed to links to similar sites. offers free parking pages.
  5. Increase sales 5-15% with an exit pop-up
    Most of us dislike pop-up ads, but if someone is leaving your site without purchasing anything, it is worth one more chance to catch their attention. Exit pop-up ads can generate 5-15% of daily sales for most websites.
  6. The publisher can sell sponsored content areas.
    In many industries, companies would be willing to provide content (articles, online tools and functionality) in exchange for recognition and a link to their website. For example on MSN, ESPN provides sports information and MSNBC provides financial news.
  7. Sell traffic in the sales funnel:
    Many companies will pay for names and email addresses of people who have opted to receive information and special offers. For example, magazine subscription companies will pay a finders fee for every person that agrees to receive a free trial of a publication.
  8. Sell relevant or complimentary products.
    If you sell toys, offer to ship the required batteries with the toy for a special price. If you sell books, offer a book mark or book light with the purchase.
  9. Sell your exit traffic
  10. Work with Leads Plus to generate targeted traffic