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Creating a SEO strategy

  1. Understand searcher persona workflow
  2. Determine company and website goals
  3. Audit your site to best reach your audience
  4. Execute and make improvements
First, try diagramming all the components of your company.
Imagine how user's from one component might be able to reach another component. Once you have itemized the components of your business, discuss step 1 of building an SEO strategy.

Searcher persona workflow.

Elements of the Searcher Persona workflow consisting of 1) Search 2) Rank and Display 3) Page Content, 4) Conversion and Motivation

When we want to
  1. find more information about something,
  2. hear about something interesting from our friends, or
  3. observe a compelling television commercial
chances are the first place we turn is the Google search box. Fifty percent of us in the United States use search engines every day and over 90% of us search every month. These days, your search strategy is your business strategy, whether you realize it or not, because that is how potential customers are trying to find you. Search is the new yellow pages, 800 number, card catalog, and cash register. No matter what kind of web site you have, whether it is a media property like
  1. a publisher's website,
  2. an ecommerce site, or
  3. the online arm of multinational corporation,
you want to connect with as many of your potential audience as possible, and organic search can help make that happen.