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Creating a SEO strategy

  1. Understand searcher persona workflow
  2. Determine company and website goals
  3. Audit your site to best reach your audience
  4. Execute and make improvements
Make improvements by refactoring your content, track metrics, and repeat this process.
  1. Business Goals defined (as well as)
  2. high level SEO goals

You should implement the following strategy:
Incorporate the language of searchers instead of the technical terms used by your company. As I execute ideas, I will continue to track metrics.
Always keep in mind, "What is your company goal?"
For example, increase the time on site so that you can sell advertisement space.
Monitor and optimize using the Google Search Console .
The Google Search Console can help us monitor our site for crawling by examing 1) Crawl Errors and 2) URL Errors.

Track every stage of the search-engine pipeline
  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Search results

Search, Rank, and Display

Search, Rank, and Display
Search, Rank, and Display
  1. Better marketing can lead to more searchers
  2. Good content can upsell
  3. Great experience and remarketing can bring repeat customers
Although it may be tempting to focus solely on rankings, we would be missing valuable opportunities if we disregarded the search and persona workflow. Rankings can remain as they are, but if we increase the volume through better marketing, that could lead to a larger percentage of visitors to our website.