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Audit: Check that the content of your site matches the queries of your audience.
During your audit, you might notice that our blog often uses the term "search friendly" within the context of "building a search friendly website".
Unfortunately, "search friendly" is not a query we have ranked for in the last three months. Filter queries based on the keyword database.
Filter by Query
Filter by Query
Being the pretend SEO for the Webmaster central blog or (Google Search Console Blog), my website audit reveals that we often user the terms search friendly, even though that phrase makes sense to us (the creators of the website) for searchers, that language rarely enters their mind.
Therefore, when conducting your site audit, you have to ask yourself, what language (keywords) enters the minds of the searchers or what terminology do they use.

Creating Content:

Question: How does one go about creating valuable content?
In addition, content developers should naturally incorporate the keywords, that our actual visitors search for.
When you conduct an audit of your website, check if the content matches the queries that users might enter into the search box.
Google Adwords
Google Adwords