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Search, Rank and Display, Page Content, Conversion

The four stages listed below in Figure 1 can be broken down into the following components.
  1. Search
  2. Rank and Display
  3. Page Content
  4. Conversion and motivation

Various Classification of Tasks

The Search stage is a marketing concern or business development concern. When examining the "Rank and Display stage", that might be the responsibility of the person in charge of SEO. SEO and font end writers will be concerned with page content. The development team may be the only team focused on conversion, which involves transforming the visitor into a customer. For a person running their own business, these roles are divided into different teams. When it comes to the experience of the searcher, the role's and responsibilities should always be seamless.

Seamless searcher experience: Figure 1

Search Experience
Search Experience

The specific role of each player, never limits the responsibilities to the entire team.
For example, the customer may come to your site through a 1) search engine or 2) social media site. The user follows a link to a new page, then goes to the home page, explores your site, and then converts.

Optimize User Experience
Optimize User Experience