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Company Strategy and Conversion Objective

Company strategy is most effective when everyone prioritizes the big picture.
Note: When a person gives their email address in the sign up form, you can consider that to be a conversion. Create the conditions that will enable a conversion. If you are an SEO, and you can make every employee remember the ultimate objective, it is likely the productivity of each individual will increase. Think beyond individual roles or responsibilities
You and your team
You and your team
My webmaster team will be most effective if we figure out a strategy, to best serve users.
  1. If a searcher comes to the blog, can they find out a way to subscribe to the blog if they are interested?
  2. Will they understand the benefit of subscribing?

Conversion Questions
Conversion Questions
Outside of the blog (visiting a resource other than webmaster central), if a user is watching a video about the Google Search Console on the youtube channel, will it be clear to them how to sign up?
(CTA) - Call to Action: Subscribe to the channel.
Once you have an understanding of
  1. the search and persona workflow, as well
  2. the user's needs, and
  3. how responsibilities are shared within a company,
it is time to begin discussion about starting an SEO strategy.