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How Google Search Console helps with a) search and b) persona

Webmaster Google Analytics
Google Search Console involves 1) Search 2) Rank and Display 3) Page Content
Google Analytics invovles 3) Page Content 4) Conversion and Motivation
Note: Page Content overlaps for a) Google Search Console and b) Google Analytics
You might be asking, where does "Google Search Console" fit in with the search and persona workflow?
Google Search Console provides information that is pertinent to optimizing the
  1. Crawl
  2. indexing and
  3. Search Results processing
The following business departments correspond approximately to the search persona workflow show below.
Marketing and Business
1. Search - Marketing and Business 2. SEO - Rank and Display
3. Page Content - UX and writers 4. Conversion and Motivation - Front end designers

Effective Search Acquisition Strategy

To effectively use organic search as an acquisition channel, you should ensure that your web site:
  1. Can be discovered by search engines so the pages can be added to the list the crawler uses to traverse the web.
  2. Uses website architecture that does not introduce obstacles that make the pages inaccessible to the crawlers.
  3. Presents all content in a way that is extractable for search engines to index.
  4. Is relevant and useful to searchers
The good news is that the path to success is fairly straightforward. As you might imagine, once you go into the details, the task begins becoming more complex.