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Competitor Analysis

  1. What do our online competitors do well?
  2. What are they missing?
  3. If I were to fill that gap, is there a strong enough market need?
  4. Is there a market need for the things we could do better than our competitors?

Using goals, define the metrics for your business

Webmaster Central company Goal #1: Increase webmaster community Metrics for WMC (Webmaster Central) Blog
We want to examine Unique users with pageviews
  1. From Search Analytics
  2. From referrals (links/shares)
    External sites and YouTube channel or Help Center
  3. From direct traffic Subscribers
Action to take: If I were to create metrics for our webmaster central blog, I would first look at the business goals, and then create metrics for your website accordingly.

Creating a SEO strategy

  1. Understand searcher persona workflow with company goals and metrics defined, start finding improvements by auditing your site to check for content and user experience, that is focused on meeting the needs of your customer . Information from this step starts to feed your ideas.
  2. Determine company and website goals
  3. Audit your site to best reach your audience

Final tasks to perform

One of the final tasks to perform is to check how the link profile for the website compares to the link profiles of its major competitors. Make sure that there are enough external links to your site, and that there are enough high-quality links in the mix.

Determining Top Competitors

Understanding the competition should be a key component of planning your SEO strategy.
The first step is to understand who your competitors are in the search results. It can often be small players who are your biggest competition. For example, consider a credit card search in Google;
  1. Visa,
  2. MasterCard,
  3. American Express, and
  4. Discover Card
all fail to reach the #1 position in the Google results.
Instead, affiliate players dominate these search engine result pages. Affiliates tend to be the most adept at search engine optimization and can be the last to adhere to the search engine terms, guidelines and conditions.