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Steps to Conversion

The main steps to conversion do not stop with search ranking, but include 1) content and 2) experience on your website.
  1. The process starts with using "Search Analytics" in the Google Search Console and analyzing the user's query.
  2. After the user enters a query, then ranking and display of your website comes into play.
  3. If the searcher clicks on your site in the SERP, then the next thing that comes is page content. This is where you have to make sure your page is relevant to their query.
  4. The last step is conversion, which is getting the visitor to take some form of action.
Note: Not every searcher will complete this entire workflow. Capture workflow for various searcher personas
Searcher Personas
Workflow for Searcher Personas consisting of 1) Website visitors 2) Engagement 3) Call to action 4) Conversion 5) Loyalty
Some searchers may be executing an informational query to conduct research before making a later research. By making sure your website captures the workflow for various search and personas, your website will be prepared to capitalize when the customer is ready.

Page and content creation/optimization

You will typically need to perform link building, along with internal optimization, to achieve high rankings for competitive, high-value keywords that bring in conversion-focused traffic. Manual link building is an option here, but scalable strategies that leverage a community or customers can be equally valuable.

SEO for Mindshare and Branding

A less popular but equally powerful application of SEO is its use for branding purposes. Bloggers, social media/community websites, content producers, news outlets, and dozens of other web publishing archetypes have found tremendous value in appearing at the top of the Search Engine Results Page and using the resulting exposure to bolster their brand recognition. The process is fairly simple, much like the goal in traditional advertising of ad repetition to enter the buyer's consideration set.
Online marketers have observed that being at the top of the search rankings around a particular subject has a positive impact on traffic, consideration, and perceived authority.