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Verify that Components are seamlessly integrated

Creating a SEO strategy

  1. Understand the searcher persona workflow, users' needs, and creating a seamless experience
  2. Determine company and website goals
  3. Audit your site to best reach your audience
  4. Execute and make improvements

Build an SEO strategy that is cohesive with the goals of your company.
First Question: What is our overall business goal?
As the pretend SEO at the company, Google Webmaster central, or Google Search Console Central I meet with my entire webmaster support team, and ask questions with regards to our company goals.
Company Goals
  1. What is our business goal?
    Answer: Help all site owners.
  2. What can our product/service do that no one else can?
    Answer: Act as the official Google source of information.
  3. What does success look like?
    Answer: A bigger webmaster community through higher participation in products and services.
  4. Which components are involved?
    Answer: By looking at the diagram below we can determine the components.

Company Goals
Company Goals
Question: How does your website play a part in this success?
Answer: The webmaster central blog is unique because it provides the latest information for webmasters. In order to help achieve your business goals, you have to understand more about the competition.