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Shape and iterate on your SEO strategy

When you audit the website for audience-focused content, this will involve the following questions:
  1. What groups are you targeting?
  2. Where are they located?
  3. What devices are they using?

Search Analytics
Search Analytics

Execute and make improvements

Search queries in Google Search Console provides some of this data. Audit your website for audience-focused content.
  1. What are the objectives of your website visitors?
  2. Do any or some of their objectives match why your company is special?
  3. Do their query terms match your content?
To answer some of these questions, examine the 1) search queries and 2) content keywords features located in "Google Search Console".
Google Webmaster Tools has been replaced by the term "Google Search Console". "Search Analytics" falls under Search Traffic in the Google Search Console.
  1. Clicks,
  2. Impressions,
  3. CTR,
  4. Position check boxes fall under Search Analytics.
Use the search queries in Google Search Console to look at the search queries. Find out if you rank for the query terms that appear in the reports