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Key Areas to secure

Key areas to secure which include 1) Local resources, 2) Network resources, 3) Database and information resources, 4) Server resources

1) Local resources Protect your employee workstations by enabling password-protected screen savers to prevent snooping. Require that each employee use a virus checker and observe caution when downloading anything from the Internet.
2) Network resources Physically secure your routers, switches, and patch panels. Ensure that your DNS servers are free from tampering. If you have WINS or SAMBA servers internal to your e-commerce company, make sure that they are properly configured and secure. These network resources are the primary communication medium for the entire company. If a hacker gains access to or control of these elements, he or she has access to all or most company data.
3) Database and information resources A major asset of any company is the information it organizes and disseminates. A hacker's ultimate goal is to discover this information, as well as tamper with the networks and methods that help to create and communicate the information.
4) Server resources Your World Wide Web, email, and FTP servers are vulnerable to several types of intrusions. Typically, servers provide storage for the network infrastructure and act as the hub. They also control overall system security. Hackers try to gain access to server resources because they can then access and control other resources.