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What are the Steps to Planning an ecommerce Site

  1. Define your target audience and product offering
  2. Research and analyze your competition
  3. Choose a platform to build your site on
  4. Design and develop your site
  5. Set up payment and shipping options
  6. Test your site for functionality and usability
  7. Launch your site and promote it through marketing and SEO efforts
  8. Continuously monitor and improve your site through analytics and customer feedback.

Distributed Networks: Intelligence

What is involved in the Planning process?

Formulate business design goals to capitalize upon their ability to understand their audience and the nature of the products and services they provide.

The figure above shows the different components that are part of the monitoring server: The front end, the middleware and the backend determine which back end server components you need to support your goals

Choose front-end archetypes and develop a storyboard that maps to your business design goals and back-end architecture

Develop, test, and implement the site. This is an ongoing process once the initial development of an e-commerce site is complete.