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Domain Process - Exercise

Domain Process

Objective: Describe how a domain name travels from a node to a website.


This exercise is worth a total of 10 points. To receive full credit, you will need to describe how a domain name travels from a node on a LAN, to its Web site. Along the way you will be required to identify the name of each process or hardware item (such as ISP to DNS or regional DNS; as well as the LAN terms such as server and file server). Once you have completed your answer you will submit.


In this module, you have learned the process and terminology associated with how a domain name proceeds from node to Web site. This exercise allows you to describe the process and to identify the components that enable the process to move forward.


List the step-by-step process that enables a domain name, such as, to travel from a node on a LAN to its website. At each step in the process, note the names of the components where the travel originated and concluded for each step (for instance, Step 1, ISP to DNS).

Submitting your exercise

When you are confident you have documented the domain name journey, enter your answer into the text box below. Click the Submit button to submit your answer .