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Lesson 13

ebusiness Architecture Use Case Conclusion

Congratulations, you have finished Module 5 of e-Business Concepts.
In this module, we covered:
  1. e-Business relationships
  2. e-Business models
  3. Brokers/agents
  4. PriceBOTS
  5. The free PC model
  6. The agora Model
  7. The aggregation model
  8. The alliance model
  9. The channel effect on e-Business models
  10. Portals
  11. New media effects on business delivery

To verify your understanding of concepts covered in this module, we recommend that you take the end of module self-check quiz. Not only will this help verify your own understanding, but it will provide you with valuable practice prior to taking the end of course test.
ebusiness Architecture - Quiz
So far in this course, we have covered what architecture is, the evolution of e-Business technologies, e-Business architecture drivers, and e-Business architecture. What we have not covered is a means, or process, of understanding e-Business architecture. Module 6 provides a language for understanding e-Business architecture and a means for breaking down the elements of architecture. This will introduce you to a methodology for rapidly restructuring and rebuilding e-Business architecture.