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Lesson 12 New media effects on business delivery
Objective Describe the impact of new media on e-Business

New media affect (Business Delivery)

After entering a virtual storefront, e-Shoppers are now able to perform tasks from their computers once thought impossible. Thanks to new media, ecommerce customers can now listen to a CD online before buying it, watch a concert online, or take a virtual tour of a house. New types of media are transforming the Internet into the next mass medium for delivering audio and video. These new technologies have made real-time Internet broadcasting possible and profitable.

Some of the major players in the new media revolution include:
  1. RealAudio: a pioneer and established market leader in streaming media technology on the Internet.
  2. MP3: a user of Internet technology to make music files smaller to enable a growing number of artists to distribute and promote their music to audiences over the Internet.
  3. Microsoft:their media player software enables consumers to view streaming media.
  4. Apple: their QuickTime software enables consumers to view streaming media.
View the following Slideshow (IF you can find the images, then remove the Slide Show) to see what streaming audio and video technology have allowed Internet surfers to do.

NetAid example
The NetAid site designed by KPMG is a great example of a Web site that integrates streaming media[1] .
This site allowed a worldwide audience to see and hear a live concert thanks to streaming media technologies. As bandwidth[2] issues are resolved, more and more events will be broadcast over the Internet to a worldwide audience.
[1]Streaming media: Streaming technologies are a popular method of listening and viewing audio and video data that comes to a user through the Internet. Streaming technologies allow users to view the contents of the media as the user downloads it. This is in contrast to downloading the file first and viewing it later. Note, true streaming generally requires a fast computer, and fast Internet connection (high bandwidth).
[2] Bandwidth: The width of a communications channel. Greater bandwidth means quicker download times. Bandwidth is measured in bits per second (bps). For example, a 28.8kbs modem has less bandwidth than a 56kbs modem. High bandwidth allows fast transmission or high-volume transmission.