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Lesson 11Context management levels
Objective Describe the context management levels.

Context Management Levels

In order to apply context within a company's e-Business strategy, we need some way within which to understand context. In the image below, you will see five levels of context focused on collecting, gathering, analyzing, and applying information toward answering the relationship questions. These levels of context are:

Apply, Filter, Sort
  1. Objective = Goals
  2. Situation = Complete Products
  3. Commitment = Requests
  4. Presentation = Preferences
  5. Geographic = Jurisdictions

Example representations of understanding Context
Businesses today have their transaction processing systems, decision support systems, middleware technologies, and new presentation strategies. Early movement in the context management arena (i.e., Siebel, Pivotal, Vantive, and others) is approaching context management as another type of transaction. Transaction strategies and transactional designs are the underpinnings of these tools. What we need to recognize is that context management imposes a distinct set of requirements, which necessitates the evolution of a whole new genre of systems.