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Lesson 11 Business and technology drivers of change
Objective Discuss business and technology trends.

Business and Technology Drivers of Change

The competitive landscape is shifting as companies respond to the opportunities provided by the "dot.com"-ing of business.
Three major forces are driving change:
  1. Communication tools:
  2. Information tools:
  3. Product technology:
Mouse over the graphic below to learn more about the tools and technologies that drive change in the demand chain.

Three tools for customer engagement
  1. Create data to better track customer needs: Product lifecycles have grown shorter, a result of both technology advances and increasing responsiveness to customer needs
    Product Technology:
    1. Increasing complexity,
    2. Shorter Product Life Cycles,
    3. Mass customized,
    4. Customer focused
  2. Leading to product change: Information management tools are allowing for the analysis and use of complex customer data
    Information Tools:
    1. Tools to efficiently manage data
    2. 1: 1 marketing tools
    3. ERP Software
    4. Demand Chain management Pricing
  3. Adapted to customer needs: New communication tools allowing for the instant exchange of information among participants in the chain.
    Communication Tools:
    1. Internet,
    2. e-mail,
    3. IVR
    4. Tools to more efficiently communicate with consumer and to manager customer relationships

Digital Marketing

Business Drivers

Some of the business drivers include
  1. Improved customer-facing IT service support and delivery to the UBC user community
  2. Established metrics on the effectiveness of the delivered service processes
  3. Integrated workflow across IT and non-IT Service Providers
  4. Integrated business continuity
  5. Traceability of incidents and problems from initiation to resolution
  6. Reduced duplication and minimized redundant costs and effort across multiple IT departments
  7. Efficient and effective sharing of resources (people & financial) across multiple IT departments

Technology Drivers

Some of the technology drivers include
  1. Integrated workflow across IT Service Providers
  2. Seamless integration and information exchange with other systems across networks;
  3. Visible, integrated, and reportable data
  4. Automated and accessible service delivery and support