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ebusiness Architecture - Quiz

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1. In e-Business there are four types of relationships you should be aware of: B2B, B2C, C2B, and C2C. Which of the following descriptions best exemplifies a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) relationship?
  A. Net-enabling relationships with business partners, customers, and channels external to an organization.
  B. A virtual space for consumers to interact directly to create spot markets.
  C. Net-enabling relationships with individual consumers or end users.
  D. A reverse market where the customer dictates the product of service and terms of delivery.

2. Your company provides add-on services for an e-Commerce site. Which e-Business model supports this practice?
  A. The infrastructure provider
  B. The infomediary
  C. The E-business enabler
  D. The storefront

3. Which of the following is an example of a broker/agent?
  A. Amazon.com
  B. Preview Travel
  C. eBay
  D. Yahoo.com

4. A client wants a means to provide customers with the ability to compare product offerings from other Web sites. Which technology might you recommend?
  A. Search BOTS
  B. PriceBOTS
  C. Portals
  D. Personalized service

5. The free PC model gains revenue in two ways. Identify these two methods.
  A. Revenue related to later software sales
  B. Revenue from advertising
  C. Revenue from maintenance and service charges
  D. Revenue from rebates from long-term agreements

6. You are explaining the value of the agora model to a co-worker. Which of the following examples would you use to support your claim?
  A. The user controls how much they pay for goods and services by negotiating with other users.
  B. Since the user remains in control of the negotiations, popularity rarely affects the price of goods and services.
  C. Users take their negotiations to a separate Web site, creating advertising space for other retailers.
  D. Negotiations are mediated by the Web site, creating an opportunity for further purchases.

7. You have been asked you to write a report on the type of Web site your company has. Your company sells all the products typically sold in a college bookstore - textbooks, college sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, paper, pens, and more, at a discount. Now university students can get everything online that they once had to stand in line for. What is your company's e-Business model?
  A. The agora model
  B. The aggregation model
  C. The free PC model
  D. The priceBOTS model

8. How does the alliance model create value? Select one answer below.
  A. Through sharing revenue across multiple entities
  B. Through sharing information
  C. Through directed advertising to its participants
  D. Through product delivery

9. A supplier is thinking about opening a Web storefront, but is nervous about losing its relationship with its traditional brick and mortar distributor. What is the best response in this situation?
  A. Don't worry, the revenue gained through Internet sales will make up for lost revenues from the brick and mortar company.
  B. The brick and mortar company should build a Web site and sell your merchandise that way.
  C. The supplier should encourage the distributor to build the site, and possibly codesign/codevelop/cofound.
  D. You're really opening a new distribution and sales channel from the brick and mortar, so its sales should not suffer.

10. Portals provide a doorway to other locations. What is special about the links from a portal site?
  A. They contain valuable information related to the portal entry point.
  B. They increase hits through a click-through philosophy.
  C. A portal site's links are partners in an information network.
  D. A portal site's links are customized per user, and each user may see a completely different thing after the first point of entry.

11. What presents the biggest barrier to streaming audio and video?
  A. Firewalls
  B. Bandwidth
  C. Lack of strong design integration
  D. Technology and quality limitations