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Lesson 11

Networking Module Conclusion

This module showed you the powerful effect networking has on e-Commerce solutions.
Some key points to remember from this module:
  1. Before Web-based e-Commerce grew in popularity, most organizations already possessed LANs and WANs. These networks are still in place and provide a transport layer to the Internet for business users. Therefore, LANs and WANs cannot be ignored when architecting most e-Commerce solutions.
  2. The vast majority of e-Commerce solutions reach their end-users via IP-based networks, which include the Internet (for B2C solutions), and VPNs including Intranets and Extranets (for B2B solutions).
  3. Many companies have at least partially outsourced their networking needs to Internet service providers (ISPs). ISPs offer reliable solutions for networking, and are particularly useful when time-to-market pressures demand that networking solutions be implemented quickly.
  4. Leading vendors in network operating systems include Microsoft, Novell, and Sun, but most server operating system vendors now support LANs and the Internet. Cisco is the leading vendor in internetworking equipment, though there are several other important networking hardware vendors including Lucent and 3COM.
  5. Internal IT departments or local LAN wiring vendors install most of the wiring for LANs. Large telecommunications carriers, like AT&T, MCI/Worldcom, and Sprint provide network medium implementation beyond the local area.
  6. Switches, bridges, and routers interconnect different networks, and are key tools in internetworking architecture.
  7. Internet multicasting has had a major impact on Web site functionality and e-Commerce solutions because of its broadcasting capabilities and effective use of bandwidth.
  8. LDAP, CNS, and Web traffic management are key emerging technologies in the realm of networking. LDAP carries key directory information for use by networking applications. CNS is an emerging API set that exposes networking services to software applications. Web traffic management has become a particularly hot area due to the explosion of the Internet.
  9. Standards are critical to the success of any network architecture.
  10. The OSI model is the key standard in Networking.

What effect does Networking have on e-commerce Solutions

Networking has a significant impact on e-commerce solutions as it allows for the exchange of information and resources between different entities such as customers, businesses, and suppliers. By connecting different systems and devices, e-commerce solutions can provide a seamless and integrated experience for customers, enabling them to easily find, purchase and receive products and services online. Additionally, networking can enhance supply chain management and improve communication between businesses and suppliers, leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness in operations. Overall, networking plays a crucial role in enabling e-commerce solutions to meet the demands of customers and businesses, and drive the growth of online commerce.

Networking Concepts - Quiz

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Networking Concepts - Quiz
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