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Lesson 9 Networking standards
Objective Describe the importance of networking standards in e-Commerce solutions.

Key networking standards

A protocol is a specific implementation of a subset of the Open Standards Interconnection (OSI) [1] reference model. Protocols as they apply to networking are usually broken into four categories, including:
  1. LAN protocols
  2. WAN protocols
  3. Routing protocols
  4. Network protocols
Largely, protocol categories match the subgroups in our networking discussion.

OSI model
There are seven layers in the OSI model. The higher layers (5 through 7) involve applications and thus are software oriented. The lower levels involve the physical implementation, and are known as the data transport layers.
Click the Detail button to learn more about standards related to OSI.

Key standards

No other area of computer-based technology rests more on standards than networking. In terms of protocols, the most important networking standards for e-Commerce and the Web include TCP/IP and HTTP.
The list of networking standards and protocols for networking hardware to software is endless. There is no way, given the breadth of this course, that we can dive in deep enough to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of all the network standards. We do suggest that the e-Commerce architect possess a solid understanding of most of the networking standards. There are plenty of public sources of education that go into detail about networking standards.
Standards Organizations

Networking standards organizations

Several organizations participate in the networking standards process, and some of the key networking standards for which they are responsible are included in the Detail section. Click the Standards Detail button to explore some of these resources.

[1] The OSI model: All networking protocol and software standards, as well as hardware standards, operate within an extremely important standard, known as Open Standards Interconnection (OSI) reference model.